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Rune Lessons Realms Inner and Outer

The Rune Realms

Before you begin your practice with Runes it is good to establish within yourself a space where you can work. It is also useful to set up a symbolic arrangement outside yourself, in your room. This arrangement may be a circle of Runes, of crystal runes, candles, incense burner, etc. You use this set up to facilitate your drawing and projecting of Runic energies.

The set up outside yourself, or your temple room, is your outer Rune realm. The workspace that you establish within yourself is your inner Rune realm. The Rune realm of creation is the realm from which you draw your Runic energies. With your imagination you connect all three Rune realms.

When your capability of visualization will be sufficiently advanced you may see the tree Rune realms connected with the axis of the (multidimensional) world tree, where the distance between the three Rune realms is perfectly equal. At that point you will also aware that your inner Rune realm is not completely inside yourself, your outer Rune realm is not completely outside, and by no means is the Rune realm of creation some isolated entity far away. Quite to the contrary, the three Rune realms permeate each other.

With your practice you will more and more see these three realms as different expressions of one and the same thing. As you progress in this way you will increase your power to harness the Runic energies for anything you desire.

The Outer Rune Realm

For the time being, you set up your outer Rune realms with the appropriate utensils. As a future Rune Master you need to know that repeated use of the same utensil attaches to them energies of a higher order. Once these energies are attached to the utensil, you need no longer call on them when you desire to use them. Being aware of the utensil does the same much faster. This allows you to have your conscious mind free for other things. Consequently your magic is more powerful. Ceremonial utensils compare to machines on the material planes. Contrary to material machines, ceremonial utensils are machines that reach into the planes beyond the material ones. In this respect, you can see ceremonial utensils as focal points that you use to have impact upon planes of finer densities. Later you will learn how to establish utensils of subtle energy. These subtle utensils make material ones unnecessary. To understand this better, I recommend that you study the course "Magic of the Future." This course will also give you a good understanding of the CFP (common functioning principle) of all magic and of the energetic background of magical operations: life energy. With this course you will have a significant tool to advance rapidly towards your goals of magical and runic mastery!

A very good set of utensils is one that symbolizes the four elements. Such a set should be on every altar. I suggest the following utensils for the elements:

Use candles to represent the fire element, the causal plane, and your will.

Use a cup with water or wine to represent the water element, the astral world and your emotional powers.

Use a dagger as an active representation of the air element, the mental planes, and your mind.

Use incense as a passive representation of the air element, the mental planes, and your mind.

Use the Hammer of Thor as an active representation of the earth element, the material planes, and your consciousness.

Use earth, bread, or a crystal as a passive representation of the earth element, the material planes, and your consciousness.

When you align the four elements of will, emotions, mind, and consciousness, you can perform anything. To align these elements means to direct your will, emotions, mind, and consciousness, at the same goal.

To achieve the skill of alignment of the four elements, I recommend that you study and practice the six lesson course "A course in Cosmic Consciousness".

A very important feature of the outer Rune realm is protection. In most magical traditions protection is symbolized by a circle that is traced, or imagined, around the practicing magus.

For the protection to be powerful, your imagination needs to go beyond a mere circle. The least you need to do is envision a bubble that surrounds you. The Runic circle represents your universe of which you are the Divine principle in the act of continuous creation of the universe and its gods. Consequently you rule the creative energies of this universe.

To make a very strong outer Rune realm you should use a set of Rune Staves. You arrange these staves in a circle around yourself. You begin with Fa in the North. Then you continue counterclockwise with all eighteen Runes all the way through GIBOR, which will be on the right side of Fa.

If you practice with one or more Runes you take them out of the circle and put them on the altar in front of you.

You should make your Rune staves yourself if you have the time and patience to do so. You find instructions of how to make your wooden Rune staves in the Rune Reading course.

The Rune staves in the circle represent the creative energies in the universe. They connect with the Runes in the realms of creation as well as with the Runes in your inner Rune realm.

In later lessons you will learn other rituals that are useful to establish and strengthen your outer Rune realm. At present it is sufficient if you set up this realm and focus shortly on each Rune, one by one, before each Runic practice. This will gradually increase the power of your outer Rune realm and its utensils. In group work this focus is done by chanting the eighteen Runes, one by one.

The Inner Rune Realm

After you established the outer Rune realm you continue with establishing your inner Rune realm. Later you will be capable of establishing your inner Rune realm without establishing the outer Rune realm first. If you do so at present, the effects will be more on a mental level. If for some reason you cannot set up an outer realm, light a least a candle as a focal point or miniature Rune realm and draw the eighteen Runes around it. Failure to properly establish an outer Rune realm can easily lead to failure in beginning Runic work!

You shape your inner Rune realm with your powers of imagination. Within yourself you set up a workspace. In this space you see the Runes around yourself. You know of the connection of both, the inner and outer Rune realms, with the Rune realm of creation.

You need to practice so that you can establish your inner Rune realm. You continue as follows:

1. Bring yourself in a comfortable position. If you do more than practice, set a circle of Runes around yourself as an outer Rune realm.

2. Relax your body and mind. You may use some form of progressive relaxation. Much better yet, use methods autogenic training. These methods are superior to the progressive relaxation methods.

3. Imagine yourself being in a place that you consider to be appropriate for the inner Rune realm. This place may be a peaceful clearing in the woods, perhaps with a brook running through it. It may be on a quiet beach, on to of a mountain, in an old temple, or anything else that suits you. This place is your place of power and you are the ruler of this your universe.

Once you have established your inner Rune realm, you see yourself fully protected. This protection connects with the protective measures in your outer Rune realm (the bubble). In your inner Rune realm, you imagine a circle of Runes around yourself. These Runes may be giant stones, wooden staves, crystals, or anything else on which the Runes are inscribed. They are arranged in the same manner as the Runes in your outer Rune realm.

Sometimes it is helpful to imagine the Runes around yourself in a glowing light. This glowing light indicates that the Runes draw their charge from the realms of creation. This charge flows over to the Runes of the outer realm. Being the Rune master of the universe that you have established in this way, you are aware that you are its absolute ruler. Better yet, surround the Runes with light that pulsates. This way the Runes get their own life much faster!

After you have established your inner Rune realm, you may operate from there on a purely mental level. If your outer Rune realm is also present, then you keep awareness of the inner Rune realm present and you can now begin with any Runic, or other, ritual of your choice.

It is necessary that you practice the establishing of your inner Rune realm until you have mastered it to the extent that you can establish it within a few seconds. To reach this point, the mastery of autogenic training is far more advantageous than the usual progressive relaxation methods.

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