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RUNE Lessons Symbols


There are may researchers who claim that a symbol becomes an active symbol (having effect on the material conscious planes), once it is made to be a true symbol (according to their model), namely by charging it with energy. Others claim that every symbol emanates some radiation by itself, because of its shape proper. They say that charging is not necessary at all. As an example they mention the symbolic shape of the pyramid, where pyramid energy can be measured, but also other shapes such as the pentagram, hexagram, yin-yang, etc. seem to corroborate their claims. At this point, the first group will say that charging indeed has been done, subconsciously, by expecting the symbol to act in a specific way. Or they use the label "archetype." At best this latter label is a construct that is used to fit anything.

So we find various polarizations of beliefs concerning symbols. One group which claims that the symbols themselves contain the energy, another group of people who believe that it is necessary that a symbol is charged, a third group which puts the charging back some millennia, a fourth that only the belief of the person who works with the symbol is energizing it. The arguments go on and on, and the truth may be somewhere in between. It seems that we need an all-encompassing theory of symbols, which includes all the know facts, rather than fruitless discussions of what is "true" or "false" according to metaphysical mental acrobatics. People who discuss metaphysics of symbolisms have yet to reach the scientific insights that allowed quantum mechanics in physics emerge, which is a theory encompassing various facts that are apparently at odds with each other.

The type of "truth" which scientifically untrained and ignorant metaphysicists (the bulk of them, I am sorry to need to point out) try to achieve belongs to the purely verbal levels. Verbal levels of this kind are based on a language that developed thousands of years ago and which necessarily reflects the primitive metaphysics of these times. Using such a pre-conceived mapping, these metaphysicists fall victim to the structures inherent in language, they squeeze the facts that they examine into it and consequently they reach theories as inadequate as the primitive metaphysics that shaped the linguistic structure to begin with. Consequently, there is no progress, just endless philosophizing. While arguing in terms of language-based "truth," this class of metaphysicists becomes totally oblivious of the factual basis of their theories, and that raw experience and usefulness of a method are criteria much more valid than volumes of fruitless logical and philosophical treatises, discussions, and speculations.

Seen from this point of view, it is of little concern to us whether or not symbols are inherently charged, invisibly and inaudibly pink, and what not. For our convenience, we talk about shape vibrations that can be found in Rune symbols and positions, as well as in the sounds of Rune mantras. The effects of such structural links can be demonstrated with relative ease (see the course "Magic of the Future"). What is of interest here is that we have several useful methods of working with Rune symbols, that we consequently can observe effects on the material and conscious planes, and that we are able to formulate natural laws, or convenient mappings which explain the interaction of Runes with the material planes, and that we can apply the laws thus found for devising new methods, or technologies, of applying Runes for many purposes.

With Runes, we have not only a set of symbols, but we have a symbolism. Before I am going to talk more about this symbolism, let me first explain what I mean when I use the word "symbol."

Symbols have several aspects:

1. They have an outline, or some kind of SHAPE. This shape may be graphic, such as any symbol that we can draw on paper, or it may be in space, such as a pyramid. The shape may also be of an other access system of our perception, such as an auditive shape. An example for such a shape may be a mantra. Some symbols, the Runes included, have several shape representations: outlines, mantras, etc.

2. A characteristic of symbols is what we call their symbolic aspect: some meanings of the symbol may be derived from its shape, or outline, as it stands within the context of the symbolism. This symbolic meaning does not necessarily emanate any energy. In other words, the symbolic aspect of the symbol does not necessarily need to be active.

3. Next, we have an evocative aspect of a symbol. This is an aspect that is not necessarily found in the outline itself, but the symbol serves as a trigger that gives access to the specific evocative meaning. The evocative dimension of a symbol may change throughout history, and it may be important to consider the dimension of time (the timeframe) when the metaphysicist accedes the evocative dimensions of the symbol. One method of coming in contact with the evocative dimensions of a symbol is to meditate over the symbol. This evocative dimension of symbols has been used to attach specific initiatoric wisdom into symbolisms and symbols, as a means of preserving this knowledge for the future.

4. The energetic aspects of a symbol may be derived from its symbolic and/or evocative meaning. The symbol serves as a trigger that gives access to its energies.

5. A symbol may be part of a symbolism. When I say symbolism, then I mean an ORDERED ARRANGEMENT of symbols, in which the order of the symbols and their position to each other is of key importance. The symbolism, containing all symbols, is a symbol in itself. It is a symbol of a higher order than the symbols that are its constituting parts. In a symbolism, each symbol that is part of it relates to all other symbols because of its position within the symbolism.

In a symbolism which we call linear, such as an alphabet, each symbol is numbered. The number given to the symbol determines its position within the linear symbolism. This number does not describe the symbol in a "numerological sense," nor does such a number add its own, non-numerological or other, meaning to the meaning of the symbol. Other symbolisms may be laid out in a plane, such as the zodiac (which is numbered too). In such a symbolism, the relations are more complex than in a simple linear symbolism.

The realm of a symbolism encompasses more than the sum total of its individual symbols. On the other hand, an arbitrary array of symbols has hardly any dimension of symbolism beyond the mere sum total of its individual symbols. In an array of symbols, the position of each symbol to every other is of no importance.

Symbols in general represent a form of mapping of the realms for which they are relevant. The symbolism of chemistry, for example, is base on the periodic system of the elements. It is valid for the realm of chemical reactions of matter. The fact that we do no know of anything material which we could not express with chemical formulas does not mean the symbolism of chemistry constitutes some kind of all-encompassing world-mapping, or world-formula, which may be used to describe everything, from life functions to nuclear explosions. Chemical formulas can describe some aspects of all those phenomena.

Similarly, we may state that we do not know of anything that does not have aspects that we can describe with the symbolisms of physics, astrology, mathematics, the cabalistic symbolism, etc. Yet, none of these symbolisms should be viewed as a world formula. They may be useful mappings, no more. But there are people out there who confuse that which they can describe with the mapping itself, hence the "world-formula syndrome" found in many metaphysical circles, among astrologer, cabalists, and in circles of many "skeptics" whose background is a mere pop science (this horrible distortion of useful science that takes on many of the negative aspects of a fanatic religious creed).

Esoteric, metaphysical, or hyperphysical, symbolisms have an essential distinction from purely materialistic symbolisms, such as physics, chemistry, or materialistic biology. These symbolisms are standing for energies of a higher order. This means that they generally contain a system of gradual initiation which reaches into realms of thought and into planes that are beyond the purely material planes, while in a purely material-planes based symbolism the dimensions of finer densities may be omitted.


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